Stay tuned for updates about the culinary and creative delights we're preparing for you at Quay Cafe!

We all know what becomes of those with idle hands...and so we've not spent 2020 hiding away in our offices, but rather working on plans to bring our space to life for the benefit of our tenants and Quay Life members, their signed-in guests and members of our corporate coffee club.


The beating heart of your "work bubble" is almost ready to breathe life back into your professional routine.


Located centrally on the Waterloo Quay campus, Quay Cafe has been overhauled during our time in "lockdown". It's long been our mission to provide a pleasant environment for an informal meeting, a quick coffee with a friend, or lunch with colleagues. Additionally, we wanted to preserve the ability for tenants to have a solo escape from their desk, to chill out on one of our sofas, or surf the net using our free, high-speed wifi.


Moving forward, as with the rest of our space and solutions, including flexible, serviced offices and the Quay Fitness gym; it's essential that all the above is possible in a safe and COVID-19 secure manner.


So, while we will be looking to return Quay Cafe to its full catering capacity in the New Year, we're very excited to announce that the space is currently being occupied by our highly creative friends at The Pop Up Project.




A brand new creation, The Pop Up Project offers an affordable location to host successful popups in Aberdeen based right here at Waterloo Quay!

If you are someone, or know of someone, that has an idea and needs a space to make it happen - for example a chef, or an artist - who has their own brand but needs a space to showcase their products or run their Zoom classes...then get in touch!

From food to fashion, to small retailers and bookshops or even Zoom class teachers, businesses use pop-up shops to grow their sales and experiment with new ideas.
A pop up space not only benefits the small business owner but provides additional opportunities for shoppers to buy from local suppliers and allows us, as a landlord, to be a bigger support to our communities.
The space is available now for those wanting to launch their new business, showcase their products or who need room to introduce their ideas.

Check out for more information or drop us a line via the enquiry form on this page.


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