We are determined to meet net-zero expectations by 2030

Making the office a greener place to be


We are constantly working to improve our environmental impact and work towards a goal of net-zero in the near future, looking towards a more sustainable way of working. We work closely with the community and our tenants to enable and empower an eco-friendly way of working. 


Bike Racks

Secure, covered bike racks feature in two locations and the potential for an electric bike and solar-powered docks are being discussed as part of an exciting Aberdeen-wide initiative.


Waste segregation and recycling points are generously spread throughout the campus.

Motion-activated LED Lighting

Motion-activated LED lighting is being phased in across all common areas of the campus and no new refurbishing project is completed without.

Building Specification

Most of our properties already have energy-efficient double glazing installed. A recent window replacement project, however, will see over 50 windows and doors replaced with UK manufactured BFRC "A Rated" units.

Energy-efficient Heating

As heating & cooling systems are replaced, we are moving towards energy efficient heat pump technology, installing Hybrid VRF systems that use water and not refrigerant in occupied spaces, removing the need for leak detection.
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Car Charging

With electric and hybrid vehicle ownership on the rise, EV charging stations are being installed in our new multi-storey car park. This will allow you to fully-charge your car at one of our high-voltage bays, while you go about your daily business.
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