Seasonal Newsletter - February 2022

Welcome back!

Whilst you've been away, we've been busy improving the site and getting it ready for your return:


Voyager House reception went through a much-needed upgrade in autumn 2020, with a stunning blue accent wall, new seagrass flooring and stylish furniture.



We have optimised our popular mezzanine meeting rooms with 55" and 65" 4K monitors and 4K self-moving cameras with built-in microphones and audio systems, so they are ready for your face-to-face, virtual and hybrid meetings.



In October 2021, we said goodbye to our Operations Manager Holly Wyatt as she went off to Edinburgh and welcomed Clair Stanley to the team as Facilities Coordinator. She will be heading up the Facilities Management department alongside Freya Winter.



In October 2021, we shared the very exciting news that three of our team members were promoted: Debbie Wilson was promoted to HR & Business Support Manager, Adele Megginson was promoted to Management Accountant, and Anne-Kathrine was promoted to Community Manager.



Francesco and Kelly, who ran The Pop-Up Project, took the exciting leap and moved to Italy. We were luckily only left without a café for a week as The Key took over in November 2021.



The FM service expanded when the in-house Facilities Management team took over the management of Atlantic House on 1 December 2021.



Nautilus House had 50+ windows and doors replaced with UK manufactured BFRC 'A-Rated' units between November and December 2021.



As part of her degree at RGU, Valerie Vasala joined the team in January 2022. She will be assisting with all things marketing and spreading the word about WQ.



Hannah Rust is our newest member, having just joined us at the end of January 2022. She will be working alongside Gemma on Provender Reception, Gemma working mornings and Hannah working afternoons. If you have yet to meet Hannah, make sure to drop by reception and welcome her to WQ.


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Updates from Facilities Management

By May 2022, we will have three electric car charging points installed on the ground level of the Multi-Storey Car Park so our tenants, members and visitors can charge their cars whilst going about their daily business activities. Once they have been installed and are ready to go, the Facilities Management team will be in touch with instructions.




New Spaces Available!


Need more space? Looking for something that has everything you need throughout the day? Whatever your reason may be, we're delighted to share the latest available spaces with you.



Ocean Spirit House West

First Floor Rear

1,687 sqft


Courtyard - Suite 1 (2)-1


Suite 1

1507 sqft

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Things We've Improved To Make Our Spaces More Sustainable


  • Waste segregation and recycling points are spread throughout the campus.
  • Most of our properties already have energy-efficient double glazing installed. A recent window replacement project, however, has seen over 50 windows and doors replaced with UK manufactured BFRC "A Rated" units.
  • We are improving our heating and cooling systems by moving towards energy efficient heat pump technology, installing Hybrid VRF systems that use water and not refrigerant in occupied spaces, removing the need for leak detection.
  • EV charging stations are also being installed in our new multi-storey car park. This will allow you to fully-charge your car at one of our high-voltage bays, while you go about your daily business.
  • Secure, covered bike racks feature in two locations and the potential for an electric bike and solar-powered docks are being discussed as part of an exciting Aberdeen-wide initiative.
  • Motion-activated LED lighting is being phased in across all common areas of the campus and no new refurbishing project is completed without.
  • We have a readily available stock of used office furniture which we lend to tenants in order that it reduces waste.

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