People Profile: Ricky McWilliam

Welcome to our series of ‘people profiles’, highlighting the wonderful team at Waterloo Quay dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best experience. Next up it's Ricky McWilliam!


What is your role, what does it involve and how long have you worked for Waterloo Quay Properties?


I have worked for Waterloo Quay within facilities management team for 8 years and I take care of most of the on-site maintenance and all compliance testing across the campus.


What excites you about working for WQ?

I like the variety. It sounds cliché but every day is different. Some days I am around on site doing routine maintenance testing and other days I am working in tenant’s office spaces. My role can be quite diverse. It is great and I really like the people. My colleagues, our tenants and the contractors that come to site. They are all friendly people that are nice to be around and work with.


If you did not work for WQ, what would you be doing instead?

I would be a professional golfer… but only in sunny climates. No wind and rain, like we have here! I have played golf in every country I have ever visited. Not a whole round, but a couple of holes.


What are you most proud of accomplishing?


I am so proud to have brought up two sons who have done extremely well for themselves. To me that is everything.

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