Is Your Business Recycling and Why You Should Be?

You may be familiar with the phrase DMR, which stands for Dry-Mixed Recycling. This type of waste can be widely recycled and it is not contaminated with products such as food waste or garden waste. 


We must significantly increase DMR segregation, to reach the UK target of recycling 70% of general waste by 2030, and promote the circular economy. 


This waste is then collected and taken to recycling centres where it is separated into each specific type and put through the correct treatment in order to break down waste into useable materials.


It is really important that you do not contaminate your dry-mixed recycling with substances such as: food waste, liquids, polystyrene, glass, wood, textiles, bin bags, and of course specialist waste like clinical, hazardous, and electrical waste. That’s because if you do then the material cannot be recycled and your waste collector could even refuse to take it.


DMR for small businesses will save you money! It is cheaper to have an uplift of a DMR waste bin compared to a full general waste bin. It will also ultimately make your business more environmentally friendly which can attract and keep employees, reassure customers and bring in new customers. 


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